How we work

Industrialization reduces risks, shortens construction periods and guarantees a controlled budget

1. Find your plot

Identify a building site you own or that you are considering buying. If you have doubts, we can also advise you on the selection.

2. We analyze your needs

We will study the orientation, topography, vegetation and current regulations pertaining to your site. We will also analyze your program of uses to design a unique house adapted to your needs.

3. Design your custom home

You can choose the design line from our models with which you feel most identified, and we will adapt it to your needs. As for the finishes, you can choose between our different interior and exterior options. In terms of sustainability, you can choose from our catalog of active systems.

4. We build your home

All our houses are built in our factory in Madrid, which you may visit to monitor progress. Simultaneously, foundation will be laid on site. Once finished, the house is transported in pieces to the site.

Once the design is settled, we secure permits from local administrations with jurisdiction over your land.

5. On-site assembly

As the sections arrive at the site, the house’s assembly proceeds extremely quickly.

6. Enjoy your home

You will be ready to move in just 3 months after obtaining the licenses.

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