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With a clear vision for the future, Ecodomus is a house designed to produce more energy than it consumes. Its roof responds to a technical study of sunlight that maximizes the performance of its solar panels.

Inside, the roof defines the space shape, giving the living room a special character with its double height. Bedrooms are located on the upper floor and downstairs are the kitchen and study.

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Far from the classic rectangular prism that prevails in this type of industrialized construction process, Hemma is a unique home that can adapt, with small variations, to the needs of the client, the land, or the local regulations without sacrificing efficiency in transport and in the assembly of large fully finished elements on site.

The inflection of the house volume incorporates the exterior as an extra room. Inside the house, the main living room is double height. Downstairs a kitchen leads out to a porch. Upstairs are the rooms and studio, occupying a balcony overlooking the living room, with a playground underneath.

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We have a wide range of materials suited to different climates and lands, capes that are compatible with all our models



Ceramic panel façade

Wood panel façade

Metallic panel façade


Wood windows

Aluminum windows



Painted plaster walls

Wood panel walls


Wooden floor

Stone floor

Ceramic floor

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